1.0       Introduction            

Mr Kimber brings  experience in the Canadian Oil/Gas, mining, and manufacturing sectors to the table.  He is expert in the management of Piping Design and multi discipline drafting groups with more than fifteen years as both leader and manager. Experience during the design and execution of such diverse projects as refineries, gas processing plants, power generation, large diameter transport pipelines, SAGD,  injection and field gathering systems gives an in depth understanding of the resource industry thus ensuring estimating and management decisions based on real life experience. The majority of experience is gained in Canada while also having worked in Abu Dhabi (UAE), Yemen and the United States.

Extensive field experience includes five years in Husky Oil’s Rainbow Lake Facility as part of the on-site engineering group. The facility processed 25000 bbl./day light crude oil, 100 MMCFD Sour Gas, 4000 Tons Sulphur P/D and included flow lines, production and injection pipelines as well as compressor stations and oil battery’s. As building field experience for various clients such as Chevron's HP well sites at Kaybob, on site as building of 600 P&ID’s for Husky’s Ram River Plan, field assignments for Chevron’s refineries in El Segundo (California) and Salt lake City(Utah) as well as countless project specific field assignments. Time as Field Coordinator during construction of Gas Plant, Compressor and field facilities speaks to an advanced understanding of field procedures, construction requirements and scheduling.

Proven success as Chief Draftsman, Piping Design Manager, Multi Discipline Drafting Manager, Piping Design Project Lead, Piping Checker and Piping Designer and responsibilities covering lump sum and reimbursable bid work, piping design and plant layout and supervision of design groups of more than 100 piping designers and drafters makes Mr. Kimber a versatile and multi-talented leadership candidate.. He has successfully managed multi-disciplined groups consisting of piping, civil/structural and electrical design groups, several groups also included document control and cad support.

Mr. Kimber is an owner of  AutoCAD 2017, Procad's 3DSmart suite of 3D piping design software, Procad's 2D suite of piping design software and an advanced user of CadWorx 3D piping software and AutoPlant 3D piping Design software.




SAIT Polytechnic                                            August 2015 to Present  


Mr. Kimber is an instructor with SAIT in the EDDT program teaching; 

  • ENGD 214 - Basic AutoCAD with ACAD 2017
  • ENGD 220 - Advanced AutoCAD including 3D and ACAD 2017
  • ENGD 305 - Piping Design
  • ENGD 378 - Advanced 3D piping design with CalWORKs 2015 and Isogen
  •  ENGD 275 - Piping and instrument diagrams for chemical engineering technologist's
  • ENGD 381 - Engineering Principals

The work includes lesson preparation, in class lecturing to classes of between 30 and 35 learners, initiating and checking of projects  and all other

tasks required to successfully present the material. 


Worley Parsons Canada Ltd.                                               August 08 to May, 2015



Mr. Kimber was responsible for the leadership of more than 100 piping designers in the Sundance offices of Worley Parsons.  His responsibilities included: 

  • Staffing of projects, recruitment of piping designers and transfer of personnel between projects to meet project needs.
  • Performance management. While performance appraisals may be done by immediate supervisors the deputy director is responsible for ensuring the performance management process is implemented and completed on schedule.
  • Ensure appropriate department QA/QC processes are in place and the consistent use of WP systems and procedures.
  • Encourages and facilitates mentoring, coaching and career development opportunities for department personnel.
  •  Provide training opportunities for department personnel develops and manage the department training plan and budget within the parameters defined by the division.
  •  Department salary administration within the parameters defined by the division
  • Lead roles on several major projects (EG: Habshan Liquid Sulfur Pipeline, Husky LLB Pipeline, Alaska Pipeline and Northwest Upgrader)
  • Piping Design Manager for WorleyParsons pipeline group (23 Pipeline Designer/drafters
  •  Preparing and checking of estimates for the piping design portion of pipeline and facility projects.
  • Scheduling and chairing biweekly leads meetings to assess manpower requirements on all projects in his area
  • Instructor in the WorleyParsons leads training program.
  • Auditing of projects at the Startup, Midpoint and close out stages as needed
  •  Instructor in “lunch and Learn” piping design development program


Cimarron Engineering Ltd.                                                 April 07 to August 08




Mr Kimber’s role was the co-ordination of all disciplines through interaction with the discipline and project leads (Civil/Structural, Piping, Electrical/Inst., Pipeline, document control and GIS), hiring and assigning drafters/designers to projects and adjusting manpower levels as required. The computer programs used within my department include AutoCAD 2006, 3DSmart-3D piping package, CadWorx (3D Piping and structural steel package), Isogen, AutoFlow, AutoIso, AutoOrtho and AutoElectric. 

He supervised a 20-30 (depending of work load) person group of drafters and designers covering all disciplines for both facilities and pipelines.  Responsibilities include the following;

  •   Daily supervision of drafting staff and coordinating shifting manpower needs with leads.
  •  Hiring of new designers and drafters as required and any adjustments of workforce.
  •  Review existing standards and initiating new company procedures.
  • Implementing and enforcing client and company QA/QC standards
  •  Review client standards and maintain procedures to ensure compliance.
  • Training of or arranging training for all new staff and contract personnel
  • Negotiating contracts with agencies and individuals supplying drafting services
  • Scheduling of project drafting and ensuring each project has the needed designers and drafters.
  •  Estimating and/or bidding the drafting portion of potential projects
  • Review and upgrade or replace software and hardware systems as needed
  •  Maintaining projects on schedule and ensuring leads are tracking scope changes


IMV Projects/Vista Engineering                                           Sept. 06 to April 07




Responsibilities included design, layout, and checking of drawings and models for SAGD Facilities at Foster Creek and Christina Lake.


Upside Engineering Ltd.                                                       Sept. 04 to July 06




Bill estimated, planned and oversaw the execution of the drafting and design for all projects. His responsibilities included the co-ordination of all disciplines (Civil/Structural, Piping, and Electrical/Inst.), initial equipment and piping layout of larger projects, planning the sequence in which drafting work will be executed, choosing and assigning drafters and designers to projects, checking and issuing of drawings and construction packages. Projects were executed using AutoCAD, Autoplant 3D, CadWorx (3D Piping and structural steel package), ProSteel, Isogen, AutoFlow, AutoIso, AutoOrtho.  


Mr Kimber  supervised  a 10-20 (depending of work load) person multidiscipline group of drafters and designers covering  Piping, Pipeline, Civil/ Structural, Electrical/Inst, cad support and Document Control)  Responsibilities include the following;


  •  Daily supervision of drafting staff and coordinating shifting manpower needs.
  •  Hiring of new designers and drafters as required and any adjustments of workforce.
  •  Reviewing and initiating new company standards.
  • Implementing and enforcing client and existing company QA/QC standards
  • Review and initiate client standards and maintaining systems to ensure compliance.
  • Training of or arranging training for all new staff and contract personnel
  • Negotiating contracts with agencies and individuals supplying drafting services
  • Scheduling of project drafting and ensuring each project has the needed designers and drafters.
  • Estimating and/or bidding projects
  • Upgrading software and hardware systems
  • Evaluating and purchasing of software and hardware.
  • Maintaining projects on schedule and tracking scope changes


Triad Engineers Ltd.                                                July 2003 to August 2004




Bill lead the design team tasked with the design, layout, and checking of drawings and models for Oil Processing Facilities in the various oil refineries in California and Utah.  Several projects are on-going including Addition of a new Debutanizer and associated equipment ($20mm), FCC upgrade and equipment replacement project ($25mm) and SOX Project ($25mm). He worked closely with the engineering group and attended planning and design meetings in El Segundo and Salt Lake City on a regular basis. Bill was responsible for the estimating, planning and execution of the design portions of these projects which includes the co-ordination of other disciplines, initial layout of each unit, planning sequence in which work will be executed, checking and issuing of drawings and construction packages and all other work required for the successful completion of the projects.


SNC Lavalin                                                                 JAN 2003 to JULY 2003


Mr Kimber was responsible for the supervision of 7 designers and checkers on the Petro Canada SIG project. Executed layout and design of Hydrogen Heater and associated rack and utility modules using Autoplant 3D. The team successfully produced all required models, ortho’s and +-250 isometrics on budget and on time.


VECO Canada Ltd.                                                            APRIL1996-DEC 2003                                                                                       


Piping Design Lead/ Project Co-ordinator/Drafting Supervisor


Design coordinator and Project Supervisor for the Arctic Gas Pipe Line Compressor project including:

·         Sales Meter Stations (2)

·         Centrifugal compressor (23 Stations – large turbine compressors)

·         Offshore facilities


The majority of the above are in remote areas of the Alaska North Slope, Arctic Ocean or Mackenzie Delta. Design and layout involves extensive rethinking of “standard design practice” because of the extreme conditions inherent to working in the far north.


Design Co-ordinator and Project Supervisor for all TransCanada projects (In Veco) including:


·         Sales meter stations (10)

·         Cogeneration Units (2)

·         Retirement packages (decommissioning) (8)

·         Centrifugal compressor addition to existing plant (5)

·         Aerial coolers addition to existing plant (4)

·         Station manifolding addition to existing yard (6)

·         Pipeline construction

·         Replacement of pipeline components

·         Supervision of up to 25 drafters


Sent to Abu Dhabi office as piping design lead on several projects during a time when new company standards and procedures were being introduced internationally.

Sent to Yemen as piping lead and layout on 25000 bbl./day oil processing facility for Dove Energy in Sharyoof Field. Assisted in initial site selection in the field, located and designed tie-ins for the new facility at Nexin Plant, did Route sheets and initial design (alignment sheets, crossings and details) for 10” – 60 mile pipeline. Returned to Canada and led design crew in doing AutoPlant models, drawings and isometrics. Returned to Yemen for several weeks for commissioning and tie in.

Using what is now called “High Value Engineering” led several projects that had all or part of the piping design done in Baton Rouge, Abu Dhabi or Mumbai. All projects were successfully completed using overflow assistance from other offices.


Senior Piping Designer

Responsible for the design, drafting, and preparation of drawings for production and plant facilities in the Rainbow Lake field and processing plant.  Spent 5 years working with the plant engineering group while residing in Rainbow Lake.  Responsible for field gathering information, locating tie ins for additions to field facilities and plant, piping design and layout for new facilities and production of construction drawings including piping, civil, structural steel and electrical and instrument drawings (Electrical and Instrument drawings from mark-ups)

Rainbow lake plant at that time produced and/or processed 25000bbl/day sour crude; recover sweetens and reinjects 100 mmscf/d natural gas and 9000bbl/day sour water and produced up to 4000 tons/day liquid sulphur. 

At Husky’s Ram River plant updated and verified all mechanical flow sheets for the facility (approximately 600 P&ID’s).  Duties involved supervision of field drafting personnel (3) and office drafting personnel (5), field verification of all flow diagrams, and the field mark-up and final checking of all completed drawings, production of progress reports, and drawing issue to the plant. The project scope also included the updating of electrical, instrumentation, and loop drawings (an additional group of approximately 1,000 drawings). 



The balance of my career, commencing in July 1969 and the lofty position of junior drafter/blue line machine operator with Delta Projects and through to 1991, is comprised of an extensive “apprenticeship” which included both field and office assignments. I was privileged to be taught by the best piping designers, checkers, managers, leads and chief draftsmen of the day. Stops including Delta Projects, The Alberta Gas Trunk Line (Subsequently Nova and Now TransCanada Pipeline), Duckworth and Price Engineering (DPH) and others all combine to give me the varied experience and training required to become an accomplished and dependable Leader, able to bring out the best in any design group or to teach and bring new capabilities to an existing group.


3.0       EDUCATION 

·         AutoCAD 1, 2, 3, and 3D Cad, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

·         3 years Alberta High School Drafting training – Honours

·         Natural Gas Processing, (correspondence course)

·         Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, instructor - Process Piping

·         Autoplant 3D piping project planning for 3D applications

·         Plant 4D piping, intelligent P&ID, Isogen 3D applications

·         3DSmart- 3D piping from ProCad Software 

.       CadWorx 3D Piping Design Software

·         Plant 4D piping component builder customization (1 week course in Houston)             

·         Various leadership courses and seminars from WorleyParsons and other employers


4.0       SOFTWARE 

·         AutoCAD to version 2017

·         Autoplant 3D piping, 2D Piping and AutoIso packages

.         CadWorx 3D Piping Design Package

.         Isogen package for producing isometrics from 3D piping models

.         3DSmart Piping Design Package and the ProCad 2D software including AutoIso, AutoOrtho and autoflow