Accomplished in the management of Piping Design teams for both facility and pipeline projects as well as multi discipline drafting groups. Experience covers piping design and execution for refineries, gas processing plants, SAGD, Heavy Oil CPF, Cogeneration, large diameter pipelines, injection and gathering systems. I have proven successful as Piping Design Manager, Multi Discipline Drafting Leader, Project Lead, and Piping Checker/ Designer.  I am expert in lump sum and reimbursable bid work for facility and pipeline projects, plant layout and in supervision of piping design groups.

Extensive field experience includes five years at Husky Oil’s Rainbow Lake Facility, as-building  facilities at Kaybob Rainbow Lake, as building 600+ P&ID’s in Husky’s Ram River Plant ,in Chevron’s refineries in El Segundo (California) and Salt lake City(Utah) as well as numerous shorter field assignments in Alberta.